AM Pet Travel Agency’s unique service is tailored to handle all facets of pet relocation using scheduled airline services.

AM Pet Travel Agency vans are heated and air-conditioned for your pet's comfort.

Pet Pickup and Delivery

Our vans are heated and air-conditioned for your pet’s comfort and are available seven days a week. This service allows us to pick up and deliver your pet safely.
Whether it is to the airport or door-to-door ground transportation, we are here to conveniently handle all pet travel needs.


If your pet requires boarding before or after their flight, our boarding accommodations are comfortable and USDA inspected. Our staff includes the only two Certified Kennel Operators in the area. Our staff will see to the comfort of your pet while boarding with us.

Flight Arrangements

Your pet will love the arrangements made by our pet travel agents. We will arrange for the most up-to-date flights for your pet. Our experience will give your pet the best flight and you the best value. Airports and destinations

First Class Accommodations

We carry and furnish you with the proper size kennel for the comfort and safety of your pet. These are airline and USDA approved kennels that carry the proper identification needed for air transport. Your pet will also enjoy the same climate controlled passenger atmosphere during their flight.

Preflight Physical and Health Certification

We can arrange to obtain the necessary health certificates for your pet for both domestic and international travel. We advise against tranquilizing your pet for air travel. We suggest conditioning your pet to the travel kennel before flight to minimize their anxiety.

Grooming is available with our parent company.Grooming

The Animal Motel is equipped with a full service grooming salon. If you so desire, we can groom your pet before or after the long journey so that your pet will feel refreshed and smell good when it is time for the whole family to reunite.